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This week I don’t have any adventures to write about (nothing went wrong?), so I think I’ll cover some new products we have here at the store. The first item is a great, heavy duty, version of a standard work torch. Our regular torches all mount directly to the top of the tank, but this

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It’s The Grim!

This week is a little different in that I’m writing about an event that I didn’t even attend. I was involved in a tangential kind of way, but more about that later. This is actually one of my wife Mary Anne’s stories, but she doesn’t have a blog so I will have to write it

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What’s A Power Show?

When I state around the hardware store, “ The Power Show is coming up this weekend!”. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. In more normal circles, though, I’d probably get some blank stares. In an effort to remedy this sad state of affairs, this week I’ll give you more of an in-depth overview of what

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Boating, 2019

Well, last weekend was certainly very busy. Not only was it the annual Antique Power Show in Burton (more on that later), my sister Linda and her family came up to visit from Maryland. The last time that they came up we took them tubing on Lake Erie from our cottage at Fairport Harbor. Of

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New Products – July

I’ve got some new products here at the store this week, yet again. I’ve got a couple minutes this morning so I just thought that I would write them up for you. The first one is a pretty cool portable LED light. It features two high tech COB (chip on board) LED chips for maximum

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Tropical Heat Wave

The weather service said that it was going to 95 degrees today, with a heat index of 107 (what the heck is a “heat index”?). I also heard that there is a “humidity alert” this week. All I know is that it’s hot, but it’s the end of July in Ohio, it’s supposed to be

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New Stuff

As we are always getting new products in here at Hill Hardware, I am falling behind again on getting them listed here on the blog. It’s been a busy Summer and with the 4th now history, I have a couple minutes to describe a few of them. The first one is a handy carry case/organizer

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I Don’t Do Windows

Well actually I do. I don’t like to clean them, but I do repair them. Today I thought that I’d cover what it takes to repair a wood framed window. While most newer homes have jazzy double and even triple glazed window panels, lots of older homes around here still have wood, single glazed sashes

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Some More New Products

I haven’t written anything about new products recently, but that doesn’t mean that they are not rolling in. I’ve got a couple minutes today, so here are a few more. The first item is actually a new size of something that we’ve already carried. Furniture casters have always been a staple here at Hill Hardware.

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Cruise Night

I know that we’ve been having a lot of rain lately, but at least it held off on Wednesday night, so that we could fit in the Burton Cruise-In. If you’ve never attended a cruse-in, the idea is for a lot of folks (seems like older guys, mostly) who own older collectible or special interest

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