What’s New

This week I don’t have any adventures to write about (nothing went wrong?), so I think I’ll cover some new products we have here at the store.

The first item is a great, heavy duty, version of a standard work torch. Our regular torches all mount directly to the top of the tank, but this one is different. It has a screw on connection with a brass control valve. Attached to that is a four foot hose leading out to a self lighting, high heat, torch head. It will run on either regular propane or the much hotter MAPP gas. Having the hose on the torch makes it much lighter and it will fit into smaller spaces. A great tool.

The next item is a top quality set of pliers made by Channellock. These are a model 368, 8” Linemen’s pliers. These are high leverage pliers with heavy duty serrated gripping jaws both in front and behind the pivot. They also have a hardened and precision ground built in wire cutter for convenient snipping. These are forged from high carbon steel right here in the USA, unlike most of their competitors. I’ve used several different Channellock pliers among my front line tools since I was in my twenties, and not only haven’t they let me down, I’m still using the same ones! Ya’ get what you pay for.

The last item (or actually items) is a handy addition to your power angle grinder setup. They are both what are called depressed center masonry grinding disks. They’re called that not because they are sad about life, but because the center of each wheel has a dished portion to recess the connection to the grinder so the bottom (the part that you usually use for grinding) presents a flat working surface. These wheels are used to cut and shape masonry such as brick and cement block. These materials are normally hard to trim and smooth, but these wheels make a short job of it. They come in 4”and 7” diameters to fit both big and small angle grinders. That’s about it for now, see you at the fair!