What’s New?


Now that it’s the New Year (and I, for one, am ready for a new one!), that reminds me that it’s been a while since I’ve written about new products. We add new products almost every week, but I don’t always remember to write them up. Well, here we go for the new year.

The first item is a handy specialty funnel. When I was young, these extra-long funnels were known as transmission funnels since they were needed to put transmission fluid into the hydromatic transmission that sat behind the large V-8 engine that was in your car. Now I suppose times have changed, and every mom’s grocery-getter doesn’t have 400 cubic inches (or more!) of V-8 power available to get you to the corner store anymore. In spite of this, this 17 inch long funnel is still handy for many applications, automotive and otherwise, and it’s made in the good old USA!

The next item begs the question, when is a tube not a tube? Answer: When it’s a drain because it has a leak in the middle. Now the best way to repair a leak is obviously to replace the whole tube, but there are times when you just need a temporary fix. Getting the two ends back together to finish the job requires a two-ended fitting called a barb or splice. These are solid brass and are barbed on each end (hence the moniker) to hold better in flexible tubing. Just the ticket for getting your repair done as quickly as possible to finish up the job. Just remember to go back later and fix it right!

The last item is a replacement cartridge to fit newer Moen single handle faucets. Modern faucet cartridges last a long time compared to the old fashioned rubber washer setup from the old days. They can go bad though, and to fix a leak you need a replacement cartridge to match your faucet. This one is for Moen and will stop that drip. Most replacements require turning off the water supply valve, removing the handle and loosening a cap nut found underneath. The offending part then can be pulled out and the new one inserted. It’s not always quite that easy, but its usually well within the capabilities of the average do-it-yourselfer.

That’s about it for this time, but tune in again for more new products, here at the Old Hardware Store…