What’s New

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “What’s New” blog and to be honest, I am falling a little behind. Like I’ve said before we get new products in most every week, and I’d better keep up.

The first item this week is a handy little item for woodworkers. Building toy or tool boxes is a regular project, but the box isn’t done just ’cause the finish is dry. One lingering problem is that the lids tend to slam shut without notice. This is bad news with any chest, but especially so with kid’s toy chests. The best way to avoid this is with a simple hold open device. These friction operated slides mount under the lid and support it in any position from fully open to closed. The amount of friction is adjustable according to the weight of the lid, and two (one on each end) can be used for very heavy lids. Safety first.

The next item is a new type of back saver. It sometimes seems that I’ve spent my whole life lifting up heavy things. This new item is a poly slider that you can put under the corners of something heavy that you need to move and instead of lifting and carrying it, you can just slide it. They come in various sizes and are made of a special plastic with a low coefficient of friction for easy sliding. What will they think of next?

The last item is just a giant size of something we already carried. “Tapcon” is a brand name like “Kleenex” but hardened concrete screws are just the ticket for fastening things to brick, masonry and concrete. We’ve always had 3/16” and 1/4” screws, now due to popular demand, we have added 5/16’” screws for those extra-heavy duty mounting jobs. Just what I need, to put up more shelves, here at the Old Hardware Store…