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What’s Your Point? (Three Point, That Is)

Now that the rain has stopped, at least for now, I’ve been getting busy with yard work. The first thing that I had to do was transform my Massey Ferguson tractor from Winter mode (snow blade) back to Summer operation. It would not start again, dead battery, so I had to use the Jeep to

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Oils Well That Ends Well (Or Visit Allegheny National Forest, It’s A Gas!)

One last story about Mary Anne’s and my trip to Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania recently. If any of you have spent any time in Allegheny or looked at some of my pictures of that wonderful wilderness, you might be in for a shock. While it may look like unspoiled wilderness, that no human had

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Timberdoodle Flats

As I explained last time, Mary Anne and I were out camping in Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania last week. I covered a bit about our camper accommodations, but I left out our activities while we were there. My standard modus operandi for any trip is about the same. I like to get up in

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Camper Magic

Mary Anne and I just got back from a short weekend camping trip at our favorite spot, Allegheny National Forrest in Pennsylvania. I’ve written about this in the past, but I thought that I would explain a little about the type of camper that we take. Pop-ups as they are generically called can be a

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We Have A Winner

You can tell that the end of the school year is coming when unusual activities begin to take place. Usually these can be traced to the soon-to-graduate Seniors at the High School. It seems that even though they all claim that they can’t wait to be finished with classes, they just have to leave their

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From Ellicottville To Cattaraugus

Those of you who know me know that I’m a real lover of crowded places. So it should come as no surprise that when Mary Anne and I took a few days off last week, we headed for the “Big City”. Actually we were invited up to our son and daughter-in-law’s cabin in New York

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Even More New Products

As I said last week, I’ve been needing to catch up on my new products write ups, so here goes another one. The first item is a new tool box from Stanley. Tool boxes have changed from the old days when they just were a steel box with maybe a lift out tray on the

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More New Products

I realized this week as I was putting the stock from our last delivery away that I’ve been slacking. I was dutifully taking pictures of a new stock item so I could document it on our website and I figured out that I was getting really behind in my write-ups. That is, the number of

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There is a saying among mechanics that it is not a good thing to have parts left over when you are finished with a repair job. The idea, obviously, is that if there are parts left after you have disassembled and reassembled a complicated mechanism, you must have forgotten to put something back in. Most

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Muddy Hillside Remembered

This week we’ll be taking a walk down memory lane, or perhaps “trail” would be more accurate. When I was growing up in Chagrin Falls, our house was on a small lot. It backed up to the woods by the Chagrin River, though, and there were no houses behind us. At the rear of all

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