Some More New Products

I haven’t written anything about new products recently, but that doesn’t mean that they are not rolling in. I’ve got a couple minutes today, so here are a few more.

The first item is actually a new size of something that we’ve already carried. Furniture casters have always been a staple here at Hill Hardware. With the many cabinet shops and amateur woodworkers in the area, lots of folks are looking for an inexpensive, sturdy caster to screw onto their finished project. We carry several different varieties, but one of the most popular is this type by Hafele. They list it as light duty, but they are rated at 77 pounds per wheel, plenty for many types of furniture. They go by wheel size, and we have always had 2”, 3” and 4” sizes in stock. Well, I just added a compact 1-1/2” size. It has the same weight rating as the similar 2”, but is more compact and less expensive. Just what you need to finish off your small project.

The next item is kind of a fun one. I guess that I’ve always loved magnets. I had magnetic building sets and a great “Monster Magnet” toy to play with when I was a kid. We sell different kinds of magnets here at the store, and I just added a new one to the mix. These large ceramic bar magnets come two to a pack and are very strong. Great for your next science project or just to play with on your desk. I probably should invest in a set myself (just for research purposes, of course).

The last item is an updated one for the home. Who hasn’t had trouble with slow running drains? “Liquid-Plumr” has been a standby for years, and we have always sold it. They have just come out with a new, stronger version to take the place of the original formula. It is supposed to clear clogs as well as the original type, but it is also guaranteed not to harm pipes, either metal or plastic. Used regularly, a product such as this will keep all your drains running smoothly, and not damage your pipes. Better living through chemistry, here at the Old Hardware Store…