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Oh, I’m sure that you all think that being a hardware store owner is a pretty cushy gig.  Just sit behind the register collecting other folk’s money all day and then loading it all in a wheelbarrow for the trip to the bank.  Well, let me tell you that sometimes it’s not all it’s cracked

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It Couldn’t be Planer

Just yesterday I came across a project that illustrates one of my beliefs in life, that 90 percent of everything is @#$%&!  Of course what I mean by that is that when there is a problem with any machine, the problem is usually just dirt, rust or general neglect.  Paul, the fellow that works for

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Spring Fever! (Or is it late Winter madness?)

This time of year can be pretty tough.  Winter is almost over, but Spring just isn’t here yet.  Winter hasn’t actually been that bad this year.  It’s been cold, but not too much sub-zero, snow, but only a few real blizzards.  But it’s sure been long.  Here it is St. Patrick’s Day and the temperature

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Let There Be Light (Steam Powered, Of Course!)

Well, for those of you that aren’t keeping score, tomorrow is the first Sunday in March.  In Burton that means just one thing, PANCAKES!  Actually that’s not entirely correct; it also means STEAM at Hill Hardware.  You see, March is the only time that Hill Hardware is open on Sundays (thank the powers that be). 

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Hill Hardware 10K

Hill Hardware 10K?  From the title of this article, you might be tempted to think that the store is sponsoring a race or something, but that’s not the reason.  In this case the 10K does not refer to 10 kilometers, but the number 10,000, items that is. First let me explain a little.  Somewhere, a

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Vintage Lighting

   As you know, I’m a fan of all things vintage. Today I had a chance to work on some vintage lighting. Lots of folks are into vintage chandeliers and desk lamps or such, but this was something different, vintage fluorescent. I know I just heard everybody groan, “But I hate fluorescent lights!” Well I

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Ol’ Blue (and Red) Revisited or Don’t Tempt Fate

Well I fell for it again. I’ve always had a problem with tempting fate. Not with the big stuff, mind you, like jumping out of airplanes or something like that. Only with the little things in life. So if you read my blog, or drive by the house you now know that I got a

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And Now For Another Exciting Adventure…

As it is now past Groundhog’s Day, it was certainly overdue for a change in our store’s front windows’s Christmas display. We had been putting it off since all the other stores on Main Street still had their Holiday lights on too, but about three weeks after New Years’ they all took them down at

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Ol’ Blue (and Red)

    A few weeks ago I mentioned in my blog about rebuilding my wrecked Ford Escape (It’s doing fine, thank you) that I used to have a 1995 Jeep Wrangler. It has been one of the most favorite cars that I’ve ever owned, and undoubtedly one of the more practical (taking in cars like the

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Lake Erie Lake Effect

    We’ve really been having some weather the last few days, haven’t we? I suppose that we can’t complain too much as the two last Winters have been fairly mild. But it’s been pretty cold (it was -2 degrees this morning and that’s Fahrenheit, not that wimpy Celsius scale), and we’ve been getting snow every

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