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New Products Update

I’ve got a few minutes today, so I thought that we could squeeze in a short article featuring more new products. The first new item is actually an improved version of something we already carried. It is an outdoor power distribution box that incorporates a stake to mount it upright in your yard. As everyone

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A Christmas Mess!

Now that we’ve finally finished up my exhaustive coverage of our Fall vacation, I’ll jump back to recent history for our next story. Last week was Christmas, and I always have trouble thinking of a good gift for my wife Mary Anne. She was helpful this year, giving me the hint that she needed a

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More Trains!

Well, I said last time that we were done with our vacation story, I lied, well, kind of. Mary Anne and I did actually leave Cape Cod after we cheated death on our stormy whale watching trip. We stopped on the way home, however and had one more activity on our itinerary. This one also

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On The Cape

In last week’s exciting installment you’ll remember that we had finally made it to Cape Cod for our vacation. What do you do once you’re there? The answer is whatever you want! We usually checked out the tourist information that we picked up on the way, and there are some things that we do every

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Finally Made It!

A few weeks ago I started the story of our Fall vacation with a couple articles about the adventures that we had driving out to Cape Cod. Today we’ll pick up where we left off, when we finally get there! Because of our long visit at Fort Ontario, it was dark by the time we

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New Goodies For Christmas

Just thought that I would send out a quick reminder today that it’s December already and pretty soon the big man will be coming down a chimney near you. Now some of us older folks know that Santa sometimes needs a little help with his shopping, so it was not just a coincidence that a

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Big Boys’ Toys

Today was a fun day here at Hill Hardware. Oh, sure, I was busy helping folks find parts to repair their toilets and such. Then about Noon, when I was trying to eat my sandwich, a tour bus rolled into town. A few tourists made purchases, but most were just tire kickers coming through to

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King of the Gods

This is getting a little long in the tooth, but I wanted to show you out of town folks this year’s Hill Hardware scarecrow. Mary Anne and I have to come up with a new idea every year for our sidewalk scarecrow at the store. You see, the Burton Chamber of Commerce tries to get

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More Vacation Fun

To carry on from last time, Mary Anne and I left the Amsterdam Castle to continue our vacation. Because we had more time to sight-see since we were taking two days to travel to the Cape, Mary Anne said for me to find something that I wanted to see along the way. As I am

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Vacation Follies – Part 1

I have to apologize to our regular readers, as I haven’t been able to write anything on the blog for a while. It was mainly because Mary Anne and I took a week’s vacation last month and it’s taken me this long to get caught up. Unfortunately, when you run your own business, things have

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