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I Love Burton!

    One of the main things that I like about doing business in Burton is our customers. We have account billing here for some of out commercial customers where they run charges all month and then we send them a bill. Well we got a letter from one of them this month explaining that we

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Maxwell Smart Beware!

   The title reference might be kind of obscure for those of you under 50, but Maxwell Smart (also know as secret agent 86) was the star of the old 60’s TV show “Get Smart”. His arch-nemesis were, of course, the enemy agents of KAOS (an international organization for evil). This weeks blog is about

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Spring Steam-Up

    It’s not quite March yet, but this weekend Pancake time will begin in Burton. The schedule had been complicated this year because Easter is early, and will fall on the last Sunday in March. That will put it in conflict with the last traditional week of Pancake season (how dare they!). To make up

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    Now that Winter is here (with a vengeance), my wife, Mary Anne, thought it was time for some Winter sports. I don’t ski or snowshoe, but I’ve been known to sled in my time. When I was younger that usually meant driving somewhere. There were hills near our house, but most of them had

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Cast Iron Cookware

    Boy, it’s cold outside today, a high of about 10 degrees, with a minus something wind chill factor. There are only a few things that you can do to feel warm, even inside, in this kind of weather. One thing that always works for me though, is to cook up something on our 1948

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Measuring Up, book 2

    Last time we talked about different types of measuring devices available at the hardware store to help with your projects. That covered only half the picture, Having a measuring tape is great, but you still have to know how to use it. This requires knowing how to set up the tape, and how to

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Measuring Up

    One thing I run into all the time here at the Old Hardware Store is size measurements. All day long folks come into the store and say “I need a nut, bolt, screw, saw blade” or whatever, and after I lead them over to the correct aisle, the first thing I ask them is

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Happy Birthday!

     Well, we had a milestone birthday celebration on Saturday. My Mother, Muriel Lamppert, turned 90 years old. My Sister came in from Maryland just before the big snow and set up an open house at Mom’s home in Chagrin. It wasn’t a surprise, Mom knew we were inviting people over, but she sure

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Old Man Winter

     The fact that while I am writing this I am wearing a down vest (inside the store) can mean only one thing – Old Man Winter has arrived! It seems that everything has been late since last spring and sure enough, Winter was late getting here, but with the temperatures now hovering in

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Our Amish Friends

     I looked out the back door of our store the other day, and much to my surprise there was someone looking back at me. It was the buggy horse of one of our Amish customers, who had left him tied to our back dock while they were shopping. I have lived in this

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