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Drains 001

All that water has to go somewhere…

    Last week, as you may recall, I was complaining about all the rain. Well, it’s still raining and all that water has to go somewhere. I spent part of yesterday trying to get my Mom’s garage drains flowing again, so I thought that it might be good to talk about storm drains around the

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Rain 001

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

   The old saying about the weather is that everybody complains about it, but nobody does anything. Well, if I could do something I’d stop the rain. Although it is sunny out right now, it did rain this morning and it seems like most of the last month. Oh, I know we need rain for

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Tinware 001


   When we went to decorate the store window this week, my wife came up with the idea of putting some of our “tinware” on display. I thought it was a great idea as it is one of the more unique products that we offer at the store. I love tinware and I’ve always preferred

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Memorial Day 001

A Blast from the Past

    The other day my wife told me that I had a surprise coming up soon but she wouldn’t tell me what it was. Imagine my surprise when into the store walked an old friend from when I was growing up. It was Jeff Jones, who lived across the street from me when I was

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Hoses 001

Just Another Hose Job (Repairing Them!)

  One thing that I can count on selling at the store in the Summer are garden hoses and supplies. When I think of garden hoses, I usually think of sprinklers, sometimes it seems like I spent my entire youth running through sprinklers in the Summer. You see, we didn’t have air conditioning when I

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Key Rant 001

Official Key Rant!

    It’s official, I’m tired of sorting keys! Which strikes me as sort of odd, as I actually like locks and keys. It’s something about how the right key fits precisely into the lock, and if it’s cut just right the precision pins in the lock line up just right and it opens – its

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Article 001

Seeing Double

 For several weeks now we have had a painting in our store window that might make you think that you are seeing double. It is a very realistic painting of our hardware store titled “The Storefront”, by Angela Schall. It was a gift to me from my wife who had it done specially by her

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Paint Display 002

Hill Hardware Enters The 1990’s !

 It might seem obvious to those of you that know me, but sometimes I have a little trouble keeping up with the times. I live in an old house, work with old tools and own an old hardware store. I usually fight any new things tooth and nail. Just ask my wife who has been

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Paint Display 003

Another Prize

 If you have been following our blog you already know that last week Hill Hardware gave away a free air compressor to the lucky winner of our 65th anniversary raffle. Craig came to pick it up last week and he was very impressed with the prize and thanked us sincerely. But what comes around goes

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And the winner is 005

And the Lucky Winner is…

    Pancake time in Burton has come and gone, and our 65th anniversary prize drawing has concluded. Participation has been tremendous, and now it is time for the drawing. To prove that the drawing is not “rigged”, we brought our grandson Jamie in to pull the winning ticket. Jamie was in town anyway so his

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