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Hocking Hills

     If you came into Hill Hardware last week you might have noticed that I was conspicuous by my absence. Paul was ably manning the store while we took a few days off and went on a great vacation to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio. If you haven’t been there, the Hocking Hills are

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Fair Time Again?

    Am I the only one, or does the end of Summer always seem to sneak up on us? It seems that school starts earlier and earlier every year (hint, hint – it does!). When I was in school we never started until after Labor Day, but then again we almost never got snow days off

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American Quality

   Since this is Labor Day Weekend, it seems fitting to talk about one of our quality American-made tools that we sell here at Hill Hardware Company. We have carried Enderes brand tools here for decades. Enderes makes chisels, screwdrivers, screw extractors and nippers. They were founded in 1896, the same year that my Grandfather

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Kayaking Adventures

    Last weekend, I had one of those events that made me feel very grateful. My wife, Mary Anne and I like to go kayaking on Lake Erie when we get a chance, usually up at Fairport Harbor where our cottage is located. There is a nice beach with a breakwall there, so conditions are

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Getting Stung!

    I can always tell when the seasons are passing by the products that we sell here at Hill Hardware. Especially pest control products. Pests seem to come out in waves and it seems to be more dependent on the weather than anything else. “Late Summer” seems to be defined by the appearance of hordes

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Too Fast For Me!

    Last week we talked about the Historical Engine Society’s annual Antique Power Exhibition. I wanted to take up the Hill Hardware mini-truck to display, but before it could go there was a little matter of its speed to attend to, it’s way too fast!    The Hill Hardware delivery truck is a 1970’s Sharp

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The Power Show, A Family Affair

    I was pretty busy this last week, as I was getting ready for the highlight of my Summer, The Historical Engine Society’s annual Antique Power Exhibition. They hold it at the end of July every year at Century Village. It keeps me busy as I always seem to be not-quite-ready for it. I like

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Mystery Flower – Take 2

    I’ve got another out of the ordinary post today, it’s “Mystery Flower – Take 2”. Awhile ago I posted a different mystery flower from the yard of our cottage in Fairport. The winning guess (I guess) was by my friend Toby (and others) who said it looked like a Saffron Crocus. I looked it

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More on Fishing

    Well I finally had some luck catching fish. Unfortunately it was during a “Fish Pond” game with my grandchildren, Owen and Clarabelle. They had their first solo overnighter at our cottage in Fairport Harbor a couple weeks ago. They are pretty good kids and we had a lot of fun with them.    As

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The Tall Ships

    Well it seems that Fairport Harbor is the happening place this Summer. Last week we had the Fairport Mardi Gras, and this week we had a visit from the Tall Ships tour. “Tall Ships” are the old-time sailing ships such as schooners, barks, brigs and full square-rigged vessels. It wasn’t that long ago (about

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