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Big Boys’ Toys

Today was a fun day here at Hill Hardware. Oh, sure, I was busy helping folks find parts to repair their toilets and such. Then about Noon, when I was trying to eat my sandwich, a tour bus rolled into town. A few tourists made purchases, but most were just tire kickers coming through to

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King of the Gods

This is getting a little long in the tooth, but I wanted to show you out of town folks this year’s Hill Hardware scarecrow. Mary Anne and I have to come up with a new idea every year for our sidewalk scarecrow at the store. You see, the Burton Chamber of Commerce tries to get

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More Vacation Fun

To carry on from last time, Mary Anne and I left the Amsterdam Castle to continue our vacation. Because we had more time to sight-see since we were taking two days to travel to the Cape, Mary Anne said for me to find something that I wanted to see along the way. As I am

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Vacation Follies – Part 1

I have to apologize to our regular readers, as I haven’t been able to write anything on the blog for a while. It was mainly because Mary Anne and I took a week’s vacation last month and it’s taken me this long to get caught up. Unfortunately, when you run your own business, things have

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Something’s Fishy

I hate to write about the same thing too often, but I figured that this would be OK, as it was way back in June that I detailed my last fishing trip up on Lake Erie. As a reminder of how it went, let’s just say that it was underwhelming. Even though the walleye have

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A Grateful Nation

Some folks that came into the store this week noticed that I was away for a few days. A few asked if I was on vacation and I replied, “Not really, it was a family thing.” What it was actually was a trip to our nation’s capitol to go to Arlington National Cemetery for the

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A Little Too Salty

When it comes to taste, my wife Mary Anne prefers sweet, while I tend to like salty. Well, I used to think that nothing could be too salty for me, but I may have met my match. I was driving my Ford Escape (the wrecked one) to the store a few weeks ago and I

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More Stuff New To You

It’s time once again for some new products at Hill Hardware.  I’ve said before that we are always adding new things, and that’s for sure as I am rapidly falling behind in writing up the new ones.  I’ll just have to keep writing and do the best I can.  Here’s the latest installment. The first

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Life is a Carousel

Now that the Labor Day holiday is just around the corner it was time to change out the “Hardware Man” display in the store window.  Mary Anne always wants to change out the window often, but it’s been my experience that it takes folks awhile to notice the displays.  The window could be months old,

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Off To The Woods

I’ve always liked the woods.  When I was a kid, we all played in the woods along the Chagrin River behind my Mom’s house.  We played Army, hide and seek, built tree forts, and played in the creek.  If I consider it, those were some of the happiest times of my life.  The woods were

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