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The Skinny On Floodlights

    Well now that we’ve gotten about a foot of snow on the ground here in Burton (at home, 5 miles South as the crow flies, we’ve got about an inch – they don’t call it the snow belt for nothing!), Winter weather is certainly here. So, of course, it’s time to talk about floodlight

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Old Time Christmas

    Last week I talked about the new Jensen steam engines that we just got in for Christmas, well we’ve finally caught up with the calender and decorated the store windows for the season. Our trusty snow men (people?) are in one side and Mary Anne set up a Christmas tree in the other. I

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Jensen Steam Engines

    We’ve been getting set up for the Christmas season at the store, and one of the things on the list that needed tended to was the empty steam toy display case (it wasn’t really empty, but we were running perilously low!). Rectifying this problem involved a telephone call to the good people at the

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It Was Wild!

    Now that I’ve covered the railroad potion of our trip down to Cass, West Virginia, its time to cover the other cool thing we saw. I was perusing the pamphlets at the West Virginia welcome center (as I always do as we travel). Among the fliers pushing Gravity Hill and the world’s only Moth-man

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Steam’s Up Again

    Last time I wrote about our great trip down to Cass, West Virginia to ride the Cass Scenic Railroad. Of course we rode behind (or in front of) the steam locomotives. These were special logging locomotives called Shays, after their designer. While I touched on it last week, I would like to explain a

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Steam’s Up

    For those of you that are regular followers of my blog (bless your little hearts!), you may have noticed that I didn’t write anything last week. That’s because my wife took me on a special weekend trip to Cass, West Virginia. Why Cass, you may ask? That’s easy, that’s where the Cass Scenic Railway

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Let There Be Light

    Now that the seasons are changing again, it’s not only been getting colder by the day, but it’s also been getting darker too. I especially notice this at the store, all Summer it’s still light out when I leave, but in the Fall and Winter it starts getting dark earlier and earlier and the

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Fall Fun in Burton

    The scarecrows are out, the pumpkins are in and the food is cooked, it’s time for a Fall celebration in Burton! I came up about 11:00 this morning and had trouble getting through town there were so many folks around. I had forgotten that this weekend in Burton brings the Oxtoberfest, the Apple Butter

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Fall Fitness

      Now that Fall is officially here I have decided that it’s about time to get into better physical shape. I’m not much of a runner, and I hate calisthenics, so I’ve decided to get into cycling. I found a classic 1960’s 3-speed cycle under one of the falling down sheds behind the farmhouse and

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Hocking Hills

     If you came into Hill Hardware last week you might have noticed that I was conspicuous by my absence. Paul was ably manning the store while we took a few days off and went on a great vacation to Hocking Hills in southern Ohio. If you haven’t been there, the Hocking Hills are

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