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I Miss My Jeep

   This week’s story is kind of sad. It is a reminder of my 1995 Jeep Wrangler, which has been my favorite car. I bought it new and put about 250,000 miles on it before the frame broke and I had to retire it. Since then I’ve driven several different Jeeps and other cars, but

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Is It Fall Back Or Spring Forward?

   This weekend happens to be the end of Daylight Savings Time, and I’ve had the old “Spring forward / Fall back” saying going on in my head all week. While it has nothing to do with the seasons, I figured this week’s topic should be springs. I haven’t talked about springs yet, but we

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Return of Ciderfest

    I guess that I have been writing this blog for a while now, as Ciderfest has returned. Those of you that read this regularly will remember the last Ciderfest from a couple years ago. It seems that our apple trees only bear a lot of fruit every couple years. I’ve heard some folks say

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It’s Oxtoberfest!

 I had to come by the store today (even though I’m not supposed to be working, welcome to owning your own business). I couldn’t even find a place to park. I had forgotten that it was Apple Butter weekend and the Oxtoberfest. I had to park in my secret spot (I’m not telling) and walked

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It’s October and I’m Stuffed

    October is here and I’m stuffed. No, it has nothing to do with Halloween candy or other Fall fare such as apples or cider. It means that it is time for the scarecrows to return to Burton. The un-official scarecrow contest is sponsored by the Burton Chamber of Commerce and there are no prizes

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Just The Facts, Ma’am

   This week’s tale begins very simply, with a weekend trip up to our son’s cabin in western New York. It was just supposed to be a quiet trip away for a couple days with Mary Anne to celebrate our 12th wedding aniversary. It began OK, but soon took a turn…into the Twilight Zone.  

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Lock ‘Em Up

    The genesis for this article was actually last weekend, my wife Mary Anne and I were riding our bikes down to the fruit market in Fairport Harbor to get some fresh veggies. The trip down was uneventful, but on the way back my bike (which is actually a trike) threw its drive chain from

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The Erector Fair

    For several years now, I have been meaning to create a window display here at Hill Hardware that combines two of my favorite things, The Great Geauga County Fair, and my Erector sets. I’ve always enjoyed going to the fair, looking at the animals and displays, eating some fair food and generally taking it

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The Eclipse of 2017

    Well, the great eclipse of 2017 is history. Some folks drove hundreds of miles to view it from a great location that was in the “totality” swath, I had to work! Still it is the kind of thing that doesn’t happen too often, so I figured that I’d make the most of it as

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Mechanical Thumbs

    One of the visceral memories of Summer to me is the garden hose. Maybe I loved it so much because normally inside you had to be so careful with water, “Don’t spill it!” is what I always heard from my Mom. But with the garden hose you could spray water everywhere, On the car,

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