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I Have Many Hangups

    Here at the Old Hardware Store, we have lots of hangups. Not the psychological kind, but the wall and ceiling kind. One of the main things folks do to personalize and decorate their homes is to hang things up for decoration. Be it artwork, plants, clocks or whatever, there are many ways to hang

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Pancake Reunion!

    As you all are aware, I’m sure, March is pancake time here in Burton and last week we partook in them big-time. You’ve got your choice of several places in Burton and several surrounding communities. You can get fireman’s pancakes, rotary pancakes, historical pancakes and several other choices. All of them have their special

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Let There be Light (and Heat!)

    If you were watching the news this week, you may have noticed that the world did not end with the cataclysmic snowstorm that was forecasted. We got a little snow (about 6” in Burton) but nothing to get excited over. The actual problem weather was the week before, when we were subjected to 60+

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Don’t Blow a Fuse, Man!

    This week I thought that we would cover a topic that I don’t think that we’ve talked about yet – Fuses. Several customers came in this week needing fuses so it seems to be a timely topic, especially since the power was out for awhile because of the big winds Thursday. Fuses are a

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Springtime in Ohio

    Well, two weeks ago I was writing about Spring being in the air, and now that it is two weeks closer to Spring and we’ve got another cold snap and more snow. I almost could not get to Burton on Friday, my usual route was closed by several cars off the road so I

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Time to Cheat

    Normally I’m not much of a cheater. I suppose that I used to try such things when I was little, but I got over it as I grew up. The last time it came up, I was playing a board game on vacation with one of my sister’s friends from Germany. I caught her

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Spring is in the Air

    This being Northeastern Ohio we’re all used to wild swings in the weather. Just last week I wrote about our new steam boiler up at our cottage. Today it is about 60 degrees and folks are walking in the store wearing T-shirts. I’ll be willing to bet that Winter is not over by a

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Steam Heat

    Last week I gave you a teaser about this week’s topic, Steam! As most of you know, I love all things steam. I have many steam engine toys that I have collected since I was young. We sell them too, at the store. I love to go to the antique power show also and

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It’s Snowing On My Cheeseburgers!

     Winter in Northeast Ohio can be a tough time of year, but my wife, Mary Anne, and I try not to let it interrupt our lives too much. Sure it’s cold and snowy and all that, but that’s no reason to stay at home and watch TV. We have found that if you

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Up to the Cabin

    Sorry that I haven’t been able to write any updates lately, but we have been very busy with post-Christmas activities. One of those involved a mini-vacation to New York. Our middle son, Chad and his wife Kate just purchased a cabin in New York state, near the ski areas around Chautauqua. They invited us

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