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A Tough Nut to Crack

     Yesterday, I had the day off, so of course I was at home working like a fiend. My project for the day was to rework the set of cultivating discs that I bought at the farm auction a few weeks ago. It was complete, but it had been sitting, so the axles were

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It’s for the Birds

    My wife always says that having lots of birds around means that nature is doing well in your area. If this is true then nature’s doin’ great at our house. We have several bird feeders scattered around our house and some birdhouses hung up too. My wife fills the feeders almost every day and

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Geauga Consumer Connection

    This week Hill Hardware participated in the Geauga Consumer Connection show that was held at the Kent State Geauga campus. We set up a booth and brought up several samples of different lines that we carry. I had different tools, such as Channel Lock pliers, Estwing hammers, Lodge cookware and several others. I also

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Garden Time

    Now that Spring is firmly arrived, it’s time to start thinking about your backyard garden. Actually it’s pretty late to get started as all hard-core gardeners have been planning all Winter. I always like to put in a vegetable garden in the backyard every year. It reminds me of my parent’s garden that we

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It Was Super

    One of my standard jobs around our house is creating costumes out of nothing. I guess that this ability was developed when I was in college and we needed costumes for Halloween or various other costume-themed events, but we didn’t have any money to spend on them. It wasn’t listed on the Ohio University

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Getting Broadened

    I enjoy living out in Geauga County which I think of as being “out in the country”, but it’s also nice to be near a big city like Cleveland. That’s because big cities have things that just aren’t available in the country, like the Cleveland Orchestra. My Mom has had tickets for years for

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The Art of Wood Drilling

    I went to the “Spring” consignment auction this morning and as I poked around under the piles of snow covering the items that were lined up for sale, I pondered the meaning of Spring in Northeast Ohio. I decided to come up to the store instead of hanging around the auction all morning. I

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The Lowly Drill Bit

    I was drilling some holes this morning for one of my projects, and it occurred to me that we haven’t talked about one of the most unappreciated items in the average homeowner’s toolkit, the lowly drill bit. Specifically we will cover drilling metals, drilling wood while it can be similar and even utilize some

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   Now that Pancake Sundays are finished for this year and I don’t have to work on Sundays anymore, I was looking forward to catching up on my shut-eye a little. So if you see me at the store and I look a little bleary eyed behind the counter, there’s a reason for it, puppies.

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Pancake Sunday!

    This Sunday brings the March Spring Steam-Up to a close at Hill Hardware. For those few of you who aren’t aware, March brings Pancake Sundays to Burton, with delicious pancakes and sausage served at your choice of local venues. Each location supports their own good cause, and local volunteers make it all run smoothly.

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