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Let There Be Light

    As we had several lamps dropped off to repair lately, I thought that lamp wiring and repair might be a good topic to talk about today. Household lamps can be trouble-free for years at a time (except for burned out bulbs), but sooner or later they often start to give trouble. Most, however, are

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Pack Away Winter

    Well I’d say that it’s about time to pack Winter away. As we were putting away our window decoration snowmen, getting ready for a Spring display, it occurred to me that it was time to talk about Spring and the outdoor jobs that need to be addressed this time of year. Mainly this means

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March Maple Madness

    Last week we talked about March in Burton and the accompanying pancakes. This week I thought I’d talk a little bit about the process of making maple syrup itself. As I assume you all know, real maple syrup comes only from maple trees. We’re not talking the grocery store variety here. When I was

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March Madness in Burton

    At Hill Hardware we have our own brand of March madness, however, it does not involve basketball, but pancakes. In case you haven’t heard, Burton, Ohio is pancake town U.S.A. What this means is that for the month of March, give or take a few weeks, people flock to Burton to attend fund raising

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Hill Hardware Anniversary Giveaway

Here at Hill Hardware we are now celebrating our 65th anniversary. Hill’s was opened by the Hill Family in 1950, Hill Hardware has now been a family owned local business for 65 years. Currently operated by Dave and Mary Anne Lamppert of Troy Township, Hill’s is the same hometown hardware store that it’s always been,

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Winter – Take Two

     Well it looks like the girls at the meat market were wrong. The weather this Saturday looks like a repeat of last week. But fear not, Spring will come! I’m just tired of this weather like everyone else, so this week I’m going to jump ahead to where my thoughts have been lately

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Why are My Coat Pockets Full of Snow?

     As I look out the front door of the old hardware store, it looks like I’m trapped inside one of those snow shaker balls. The weatherman said we were supposed to get less than one inch today, but we have gotten about 6 so far, and it’s only noon. Is it just me

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There’s Nothing Like Indoor Plumbing

      Since we were talking last week about fixing frozen pipes, I thought that it would be good to cover the household plumbing system in general (probably should have covered that first). When it comes to their water some people have only the vaguest notion of where it comes from before it spatters out

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In the Wake of the Flood

     Last week we covered “How to keep your pipes from freezing”, so this week we’ll talk about what to do if your pipes freeze anyway. So, how do you know if you’ve got frozen pipes? The first symptom is the most obvious, you turn on the tap and you have no water. You

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Honey, it’s freezing out there!

       I was just outside and it is a balmy (for an Ohio January) 40 degrees, not too bad. But when I got up this morning it was only 5 degrees, that’s pipe freezing weather. One thing we haven’t talked about are tricks to prevent you pipes from freezing during bitter Winter weather. Last

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