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Mystery Flower

     Ok folks, this week we have a special bonus post. Can anyone identify this weird flower that we have growing near our cottage. Here’s what we know; It’s a perennial, it comes up in the Spring as leaves only then dies back in the Summer.    In the Fall it comes up again

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Suspicious Characters

       Now that it’s mid-October, a chill is in the air, and the frost is definitely on the pumpkin. It’s obvious when you walk through Burton because along the main street you’ll see suspicious characters lurking about that just don’t seem to blink as often as they should.    You see, in Burton October

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Vacation Time!

  A few of you may have noticed last week that I wasn’t around. The store was still open, ably manned by Jared and Paul, but I was not to be seen (and I wasn’t just hiding in the basement as I sometimes do!). Mary Anne and I actually got to go on a week’s

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   Last time I talked about fair time here in Burton. Fair time is also a sign that Fall is just around the corner. You can go by the weather forecast or the calender, but at the Old Hardware Store, the surest sign of the change of the season is the increasing sales of mousetraps.

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It’s Fair Time !

     In Burton, Ohio there are really only two seasons. “Maple Season” at the cusp of late Winter and early Spring, and “Fair Time” marking the end of Summer. Sure there are also early Summer, usually denoted by “Haying Time” and Winter which around here at least, speaks for itself. This is because, if

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It’s A Zoo

     One of the given axioms in advertizing is that everyone loves animals. I get a Hardware Industry magazine at work and many of the hardware entrepreneurs they write about have store mascots (mostly dogs or cats) that are prominently featured in their advertizing. I’ve never written about them before, but we certainly have

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2015 H.E.S. Power Show at Century Village

     I could not post anything last Saturday because I was busy at the biggest event on my social calender (after my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary of course!), this year’s Historical Engine Society’s Antique Power Show. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of a power show, it

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Official Telephone Rant

     A few weeks ago I ranted and raved about keys, this week it’s telephones. Our main phone line went out this week and that’s what got me started. I remember an old comedy record (that’s right, an LP) that I listened to years ago that said something to the effect that while there were

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Julia Child of the Hardware Store

     This might be a little different for the Hardware Store blog, but believe me, there is a connection. Our hardware store is a member of the Burton Chamber of Commerce, who are a great bunch of folks, local merchants and business owners who have joined together to help promote the good life here in

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All that water has to go somewhere…

    Last week, as you may recall, I was complaining about all the rain. Well, it’s still raining and all that water has to go somewhere. I spent part of yesterday trying to get my Mom’s garage drains flowing again, so I thought that it might be good to talk about storm drains around the

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