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The Salt of the Earth

   I was going to write about hardware this week again, but Mother Nature intervened this morning. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in the Midwest we have been suffering under an early onslaught of wintery weather for the last two weeks. In November our weather is usually cool with

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Caution – Adults at Play

This week’s article isn’t precisely about hardware, but it definitely fits into the old hardware store. When I was young, I used to read comic books and there were always ads in the back for various merchandise that you could send away for (remember X-Ray Specs?). The one that I always wanted was the “Big

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Stuck on You – Part Two

  Last time we talked about various types of glue. As we said, glues work well only when the gap between the two parts to be joined is small. When there is any appreciable gap that you need to fill, you need a cement. Think about how mortar fills the joint between two bricks, you

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Stuck on You

 One group of items in the fastening category that is not usually thought of as a fastener is glue. Glue can be very handy to fasten things together when something has broken and fixing it with nails or screws is either not possible or too unsightly. It can also be used to construct things from

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The Age of Steam

   When you consider the technological ages of man, as a baby boomer I am sure I grew up in the age of oil, and who would deny that we are now firmly in the computer age. But about a century and a half ago civilization entered what should be known as the age of

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Tools of Destruction

 Last time, we covered carpenter’s or nail hammers. Today I thought we would talk about other striking tools. Like I said last week, striking tools have a heavy head attached to a long handle to give leverage and are used to deliver a blow to another tool or object. If nail hammers are for hitting

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