Fall Fitness

      Now that Fall is officially here I have decided that it’s about time to get into better physical shape. I’m not much of a runner, and I hate calisthenics, so I’ve decided to get into cycling. I found a classic 1960’s 3-speed cycle under one of the falling down sheds behind the farmhouse and it’s now been installed in front of Hill Hardware. 


    I would do the miles myself, but I really much too busy, so we’ve drafted my stand-in, Straw Dave. You see, this time of year in Burton, the scarecrows return to the streets and stand out in front of all the businesses to greet the shoppers with a straw-y grin. It took a little extra rigging to get him to stay on the bike, but now I think that he’s up there pretty good. I just hope that he stays put during the gusty weather that is sure to follow the beginning of Fall. If not, I’m sure that we can re-rig him to stay on there, after all, he’s in front of The Old Hardware Store…scarecrow-bike-002