Vacation Time!


A few of you may have noticed last week that I wasn’t around. The store was still open, ably manned by Jared and Paul, but I was not to be seen (and I wasn’t just hiding in the basement as I sometimes do!). Mary Anne and I actually got to go on a week’s vacation. We went to Cape Cod, a favorite place of ours that we haven’t been to in about 10 years. We rented a little cottage in North Truro and drove there last Saturday. It’s a long drive, but you can do it in one loooong day.

While we were there we got to do many things. Of course Cape Cod is surrounded by the ocean, and we got to see whales, seals and many types of sea birds. We also went sightseeing and stopped at several museums and shopping areas. My favorite place was touring the Cape Cod potato chip factory in Hyannis. They have a walk through tour where you can see how they make the chips and at the end of the tour, there is a gift shop and you get a free bag of chips! What could be better?

Cape Cod Chips

Well it was tough, but we did come back at the end of the week to Ohio. Now we have to get back to work. The first thing on the agenda is to set up our scarecrow out front… you never know what you’ll run into at the Old Hardware Store.