Take Me (Us) Out To The Ballgame

    I’ve been so busy getting the garden in that I still haven’t finished the story of our trip to Maryland to see my sister’s family. I did write about our visit to the Baltimore Museum of Industry a couple weeks ago (it was great), but that was only part of the trip. One of the other highlights was a trip to see the Baltimore Orioles play the Toronto Bluejays at the stadium. My sister and her family are all big Orioles fans, and while I don’t follow baseball that much, (except to root for the Indians – of course) I always enjoy watching a good game live at the field.


   My sister lined us up with some great tickets and the game was a real corker. First of all it was jersey night, so not only was it packed, but we all got a free jersey! Baltimore has a great stadium, similar to the one in Cleveland. It is big enough to be exciting, but small enough so that you can really see what is going on. As I said we had great seats, but I thought that maybe we were too close to the action when I saw the sign just below where we were sitting.


   We didn’t get beaned by any foul balls or thrown bats, but we did have hot dogs and peanuts to go with the action. The game was very good, lots of hits and runs, several double plays and even some home runs. It seemed to be choreographed, The Orioles got out ahead in the beginning, the Bluejays tied it up and then went ahead, and finally the home team pulled it out in the last innings for the win. Pitcher’s duels are all well and good, but this was my kind of baseball game, lots of fun to watch and good plays by both teams to cheer for.


   There is more about the trip, but that will have to wait until next time…