Mystery Flower – Take 2

    I’ve got another out of the ordinary post today, it’s “Mystery Flower – Take 2”. Awhile ago I posted a different mystery flower from the yard of our cottage in Fairport. The winning guess (I guess) was by my friend Toby (and others) who said it looked like a Saffron Crocus. I looked it up online and the description seems to fit. Here it is in case you missed it.

Mystery flower1

   Now we are on to another plant. This one is also from Fairport and it happens to be a tree right over the last one. It is a vaguely rhododendron-like tree, about 25 feet tall with heavy waxy leaves. It flowers in early summer with pinkish tulip shaped blossoms. The tree also seems to attract sapsuckers of some type as there are neat rows of peck holes along the trunk in various places. I’m sure that it it is just another overgrown ornamental of some type (like our 60’+ Hardy Catalpa across the yard). But if any one knows what it is please let me know.