More Stuff New To You

It’s time once again for some new products at Hill Hardware.  I’ve said before that we are always adding new things, and that’s for sure as I am rapidly falling behind in writing up the new ones.  I’ll just have to keep writing and do the best I can.  Here’s the latest installment.

The first item is one that is pretty handy, but does not fit into any neat category.  It is Velcro lashing straps.  These are Velcro straps with the hooks on one side and the loops on the other.  This way when you wrap them around anything they will stick to themselves.  One of the simplest uses is to wrap up things like extension cords and such in a neat roll.  But many other uses come to mind.  I actually first ordered these to attach the bikini top on my Jeep Wrangler to the roll bar.  That way it will stay put while driving yet can be removed quickly in good weather.  These come in many sizes and colors.

The next item is actually a real piece of hardware.  It is a flattened steel loop that can be attached to something and then used to take a strap.  These are actually called “footman loops” and were used on coaches in the old days.  They now are used on utility vehicles, or any other place that you might need to attach a temporary strap (see the previous item).

The last item this week is actually a new size of an existing product.  Plastic wood is a brand name filler that has been around for years.  It can be used to fill gouges and holes in wood and once it is dry it can be drilled, sanded or stained just like the original wood.  We’ve always carried this in a small tube, great if you don’t want a large quantity.  But since folks would often have to by a couple tubes to complete a job, I decided to start to stock it in a larger four ounce can.

Well those are the three new products this time; look forward to future installments, from the Old Hardware Store…