I Love Burton!

    One of the main things that I like about doing business in Burton is our customers. We have account billing here for some of out commercial customers where they run charges all month and then we send them a bill. Well we got a letter from one of them this month explaining that we had miss-billed them. You see, we had sent them a bill that was too low. It was my error actually, I had not multiplied correctly when I had totaled up their bill. It was only a couple of dollars, but that is not the point. The point is that a lot of people would not let you know about the mistake and just pay the lesser amount. This is not the first time this happened either (our customers correcting their billing upwards, not just me making a mistake).


   Other things also happen in this honest town. One time I came up from downstairs to find a fellow waiting at the register with two dollars on the counter. I asked him what they were for and he said, “I don’t know, someone else must have left them here.” Not only was the first guy honest, but the second one was too! Another time when we had a bunch of garden tools out on the sidewalk, one of my helpers (who shall remain unnamed) left them out when he closed the store. In the morning they were all gone – stolen?, No, the folks at one of the other businesses noticed that they were out and the took them all into their store for safekeeping.


   Our front window also provides testimony about this town. It is always plastered with notices about fundraisers for good causes, lost pets and dogs up for adoption. Sometimes it seems like there are a lot of groups looking for donations, (two so far today) but I always try to donate something as long as it seems to be for a good cause. And speaking of good causes, our new garden seeds have come in for the season, and Bentley seeds, out supplier has a new program this year where they will donate a packet of seeds to a needy cause for every one sold. So come get your seeds and feel good about it ’cause when you are planting your garden, you are helping someone else as well. It just seems the Burton thing to do…