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A Busted Wheel

I actually took the pictures for this blog a while ago, but never ended up writing about this project. I actually have some newer pictures on my phone, but I’m having trouble downloading them to my computer, so I guess that his is the topic for the week. When I was working on my mower,

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What’s New

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “What’s New” blog and to be honest, I am falling a little behind. Like I’ve said before we get new products in most every week, and I’d better keep up. The first item this week is a handy little item for woodworkers. Building toy or tool boxes

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Keeping on the Ball

Today’s blog is about keeping on the ball, gumball that is. You see, one of the store fixtures here at Hill Hardware is our old-fashioned 1-cent gumball machine. I actually acquired it quite a few years ago, before we bought the store. I just like old fashioned mechanical things like that. I have fond memories

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What’s New?

  Now that it’s the New Year (and I, for one, am ready for a new one!), that reminds me that it’s been a while since I’ve written about new products. We add new products almost every week, but I don’t always remember to write them up. Well, here we go for the new year.

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Holiday Mix-up

Today’s blog is about what we did over Halloween weekend. Now don’t get excited, I realize that I’m a holiday behind, but I’ve been busy and I figured that I’d better get this written now before it’s TWO holidays behind. This year as I am sure that you are all aware, there were several things

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Putting It On The Shelf

Those of you that read my blog will remember that Mary Anne and I like to go camping from time to time. We got another chance to go a few weeks ago and decided to trek to Allegheny in Pennsylvania again to take in some of the Fall color. We took the dogs and had

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Right In The Old Pie Hole

As a (late) end to the Summer, a couple weeks ago Mary Anne and I got to do something fun. She belongs to a cooking club in Fairport Harbor and they get together once a month and share things that they have made for a dinner. This month I got to participate as it was

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Division Can Be A Good Thing

It’s been a strange sort of Summer here at Hill Hardware Store. In spite of the pandemic, we’ve been very busy, with in-store sales running 30-50% higher than normal. That keeps me hopping pretty good and I haven’t had time to add to the blog. Things are starting to slow a little now that Labor

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Time To Blast Off

It’s been a couple weeks since I wrote anything for the blog, but we’ve been pretty busy, literally. In spite of the “stay-at-home” conditions here, the store, which has “essential business” status has been open and busy the whole time. Then when Ohio started to reopen a couple weeks ago I thought things would start

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Let’s Get Something Straight

I promised last time that I would wrap up the fascinating mower story last week. Those of you scoring at home may have noticed that I didn’t. It’s not that I was lazy writing the blog, it’s that I didn’t get the mower finished ’till yesterday (boy, is that grass long!). As I was saying

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