Mistaken Identity


   Well, I mentioned in a provious post that October is scarecrow time here in Burton. Our road repair scarecrow is pretty realistic, but I think that someone made a mistake. Thursday I looked out the front window of the store, and I saw our scarecrow standing there as usual, directing traffic, and right behind him was a big yellow backhoe. I took a closer look and there were several people working on the tree lawn as well. I went out to warn them that our scarecrow wasn’t a real traffic director and that they shouldn’t rely on him to keep them safe, but it turned out to be our own Burton street crew doing some work on the shade trees out in front of the store.

Construction Scarecow 1

   They assured me that they would be OK with our “stuffed” traffic director and they finished what they were working on and then went along to their next job. Sometimes working here at the Old Hardware Store is a little surreal.